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Countdown To Your Wedding Day

Are you five or six months away from your wedding? While you're addressing invitations and picking out bridesmaids dresses, take some time to work on your beauty regimen. Making an investment now will pay off big on your wedding day.

  • Skin Care

    Now is the time to start working on your skin. On your wedding day, you'll be having your picture taken close-up and many people getting close to your skin as they hug and kiss you. Even a relatively nice complexion can benefit from six months of stress-relief, proper nutrition, and added water-drinking.

    First, start a good cleansing program. You should be using a multi-step system including
    • a good cleanser appropriate for your skin-type in the mornings
    • make-up remover and cleanser at night
    • daily moisturizer
    • an exfoliant once to several times a week.

    If you can afford it, this is a great time to consult a professional dermatologist. Tell them your wedding date, and your skin-care goals. They may recommend treatments such as glycolic peels or regular facials that will help you have picture-perfect skin. Prescription medicine may also be helpful. Also, if you take birth-control medication, talk to your doctor about which kind is best for your skin and body. Switching birth-control brands may make a dramatic difference in your skin.

    Examine how much water you drink daily. Drinking 8 to 10 glasses daily will help clear up blemishes and make your skin more luminous. I suggest filling a water bottle and keeping it on your desk at work. Have another water bottle in the TV room (or wherever you tend to hang out at night). While drinking this much water may be a challenge at first, keep at it, and it will get easier and easier.

    While you're increasing your water consumption, it's a great time to be decreasing your caffeine consumption. Not only will less caffeine help your skin, it will also help you to be less stressed out! You know if you're better off going cold turkey or decreasing gradually.

  • Hair

    If you want to grow out your hair for your wedding, or try a different color or style, now is the time to talk to your hairstylist. Those on a budget can try some drugstore coloring experiments. You'll still have the chance to correct any mistakes! It's also the time to start your search for a wedding day hairstylist and makeup artist. Even if you aren't planning on using professionals, you'll want to ask your friend or family member for their help now to make sure they are available and willing.

    Start thinking about the overall health of your hair. You may want to start applying a deep conditioning treatment (available inexpensively at drugstores) once a week. If your hair is dry, consider changing to a moisturizing shampoo and/or shampooing less often. And stop diving headlong into that chlorinated water if you have light blonde hair.

  • Stress

    It's hard to be beautiful when you're tearing your hair out. Start out by dealing with the people who stress you out, then read my tips for relaxation. Exercise, yoga, and other physical activities will help build strength, energy, and relieve tension while you're at it. You might want to talk to your doctor about good nutrition and exercise routines. Consider regular visits to a spa to help you relax and improve your skin while you're at it!

Information gathered from about.com

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