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Looking Great on your Wedding Day

Contraindications: Some medications especially antibiotics, accutane acne treatment, St. John's wort or its derivatives, cosmetics and even certain foods can be photosensitive. These can cause adverse reactions when you are exposed to UV rays. Most prescription medication will have a warning label, but please check our photosensitive list displayed prominently at Tantastic Studio and be sure to inform the staff if you are unsure.

Getting a great tan takes time: Remember a smart UV tan does not happen overnight. If you are tanning before a vacation or for a special occasion it is best to start three weeks to a month prior depending how fair skinned you are and how tanned you want to be. Most people will see colour change after 2 or 3 sessions and have a great tan after 8-10 sessions when using tanning beds.

California Tan Autobronzer: With the California Tan Autobronzer you have no UV protection, but you will have a cosmetic tan immediately after your session that will last 4-6 days. We will instruct you on how to extend the life of this tan.

Tanning Preparation: To achieve your maximum tanning potential, clean, hydrated skin tans best. Check your moisturizer for high level SPF's (Sun Protection Factors) as these can inhibit your progress. SPF's are useful however for outdoor sun exposure, covering fresh tattoos or problem areas. Make-up foundations and powders may also contain titanium dioxide which reflect UV light which also inhibits your progress.

Steps to see deep, dark , phenomenal results : Shower and exfoliate your skin using a creamy exfoliator before you tan rather than after. A loofah or buff puff wont do as great a job.

Use an indoor tanning lotion that has been formulated to work with UV beds. Active ingredients such as tyrosine stimulate the melanin in your skin to jump start your tan. Want even darker colour ? Go for a triple action bronzer that goes on smoothly, smells yummy and is loaded with copper and ingredients to extend the life of your tan. It is vitally important to keep you skin well hydrated and smooth. We can suggest a lotion that will work exceptionally well with dry, oily, normal or combination skins

Step 3 tan extenders work wonders as they also have copper ingredients to prolong the life of your tan. The top layers of the skin reproduce and replenish themselves constantly so, your tan will fade in time as you shed skin cells. Once you have achieved the level of colour tan you want, UV tanning once or twice a week will maintain your tan for as long as you wish.

Sunless tans usually fade within a week. However, we carry products with the same ingredients in them as the California Tan autobronzer to extend the life of your sunless tan.

Outdoor tanning lotions and oils are not allowed in sun tanning facilities as they will damage and discolour tanning bed surfaces. We carry a full range of skin care, moisturizers, and tanning accelerators which are specifically designed for indoor use. Our staff tests these products for effectiveness so they can help you select the product best suited for your individual needs.

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