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Whatís a Bride to Do?

Losing Weight

Question: I need to order my gown but Iím planning on starting a diet and losing some weight over the next 4 months. What size should I order my gown in?
Answer: Gowns can always be taken in but cannot always easily be let out. All the added stresses from wedding preparation and planning can make losing weight seem impossible.

Gown Color

Question: I canít decide between white or ivory. Is there a rule of thumb? I understand that white is traditional for weddings.
Answer: Youíre right. White has always been considered a traditional choice but it not always the most complimentary color for brides. Skin tone really does play a big part in your selection. Women with olive or darker complexions usually look best in ivory where as women with blonde hair and fair skin look better in whites. Redheads usually look better in ivory.

Who Pays?

Question: Iím not sure about who pays for the wedding gown. I read somewhere that itís always the parents who pay but I donít totally agree.
Answer: At one time it was always the parents who paid but this may not always be the case. In this day and age many women have careers and end up sharing the cost of the dress or even pay for it themselves.

Plus-Size Dilemma

Question: I am a plus size bride and I canít find many places where they have plus size gowns for me to try on. What can I do?
Answer: Allot of lines have styles that available in plus sizes but you are right as these are not as readily available in sample gowns. Some do have a lending program where you can have a gown sent to a store where you can try it on. They may not have the exact gown you are wanting but if it is the same shape or style it will give you an idea of how it will look before you order it. Extra costs for shipping may be involved for the loan so check with the store that carries the line you are interested in.


Question: What do you do when bridal salons donít take appointments? Iím afraid of not getting the attention I would like to have.
Answer: Weekends are absolutely the busiest times to shop and expect individual attention. If you can, make an appointment during the week. This way you are not shopping at peak times and you will be able to have the individual attention you want.

Article provided by Harts Bridal Charm

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